Hai Phong Estate Estate: Le lói chờ thời!


In the first month of 2018, the market has registered buildings in the Hai Phong department sharp increase in residential land prices. However, in recent months this market has declined. In many areas, land prices have risen by 20-30% compared to last year's last year, but there are not many retailers.

Own real estate

According to surveys at the local estate trade floor, land prices in Hai An, Le Chan, Hong Bang, Thuy Nguyen areas showed an increase of 20-30%. Around a large scale of the project where land pricing doubles in the & # 39; price compared to this time in 2017. Prices increased but virtually no purchase.

According to Mr Nguyen Trung Tuyen – General Director of the landmark of THL properties, in the Le Chan area, where the project is based on the River Lach Flag (Front Front City), International Vinmec General Hospital, A & # 39; MALL AONANN Hai Phong's exchange … land prices in this area are very high. At the Nguyen Giap road axis, the land adjacent to the Marine Medicine Hospital, the Quan Nan Road area prices range from 30-45 million m2.

On the Thien Loi (Canal) road, when a cottage system is completed gradually, he has set off the pollution; Previously, the value of the land here is double, about 30 million m2, By the beginning of 2017, this area is only 13-15 million VND / m2. The price of the item is the same, but it is a & # 39; Most visitors are their biggest price, and b & # 39; Successful business is 20-30%.

Loans of new prices

Fever price as a result of "follow" the big projects

We know that the land is in Hai The area, next to the Le Hong Phong branch road, near the BigC format, near Tran Phu High School, is a part of a quiet land of 6-7 years, it also jump to VND30-40mn / m2 despite the land is still empty, the infrastructure has not changed significantly.

In the Dang Lam areas, Dang Hai and Thanh To (Hai An area) where land funding continues to be huge, land planes have been expanding since the Year & New. Mr Nguyen Van Duc, who lived in the area restored Sao An Thanh To ward, Hai An area: The buildings are restored in this range from 40 to 60 square meters and so easy to trade. Many people, often searching for "holes" for buying or investing. By the end of 2017, the land design in the beautiful new place of around 27 million m2, to date, has increased its price from 6 -10 million m2. At the end of April, some landscapes with a width of 40m2, and a 4-storey VND34mil / m2 4-storey house.

In the Hai Phong suburb area, the land on the two major projects also boosted prices in the urban area of ​​Cam River North, Song Gia Resort (Thuy Nguyen area). In Tan Duong, land connected to the main road from the Binh bridge to the Nui Deo crossroads is 35-40 million VND / m2. Land near the golf course (Song Gia Resort) was up to over 20 million m2, and land in the distant area also increased from 1 million to 5 million m2.

Machine solution

At the end of the year, the estate market is very hot, but according to many experts who are familiar with work in Hai Phong trading companies, this fever is an online fever that has many dangers; may be there. "

According to Ms. Da Van Anh, who is a councilor of Hoa Phuong's municipal estate, Hai Phong influences the induction stream and the capital inland. This is perhaps the time of Hai Phong the most obvious change to date after years of "sleeping safely".

The explosion is in the northwest market with many powerful bodies such as Vingroup (VIC), Sungroup, Him Lam, Hoang Huy Group (TCH) … appear to gradually push the old face , quiet at home in & # 39; previous year.

This fever is in a different fever that there is a lot of danger

This fever is a different fever that contains a lot of "bubble"

However, this time, it is still difficult to make the trading projects, the type of landmark from 40 to 100 m2 with prices of 2 billion and the best seller. The small piece of land in urban projects is also re-established "fever" because many people living in the narrow road in the middle of Hai Phong are to move to a more diverse new space and have a wide range . bowl.

Van Anh also said that this is the real situation of high ground prices, although real-income income has not risen proportionally. This can be a sign of fever similar to the period before 2010, so the purchase or sale must be exacerbated when you are currently investing.

According to the director of the Land Use Rights Registration Office, the current application for land is increasing. When they get the right land use, people should investigate the legacy of the landquarters purchased or the governing body to determine the origin and land of the design project. Do not avoid the situation of some poor things that affect "hot" and housing market, exchange, land transfer in the & # 39; plan or not trade.

Interesting experts said that many projects are still being invested in a time to Haiphong, and the state's estates of the estate are significantly changing. Therefore, merchants should be more aware of the knowledge of previous years. When you buy land design in this time, people should consider many factors where the most important, quality and / or most important. connecting infrastructure and legal. In particular, the need to stay really or not, on the & # 39; that basis to consult the appropriate price.


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