Haifa Wehbe is an amazing eye … And the public: "Shauman Abdul Rahim suit!"


The Lebanon star, Haifa Wehbe, made a great sound in her most recent appearance on his own front page on Entangram, and his listeners were split between people who had been. think of his mind and criticism. Haifa appeared in a "satin" shirt that makes a variety of different colors, and "bot" in the same shape and graphics, with short black tight shorts.

Some of the scenes of Lebanon's star broke out strongly, including one of the things that I responded well to Haifa's taste, saying: "Haifa Halbbs's odd taste is usually faster." One of the reviews was to disturb Haifa's opinion, saying: "Seud Shaaban Abdul Rahim." While others had a & # 39; protect their favorite star and their different sights. "Versace the Boots and the Heat Spirit want the price," said one of the spectators. Haifa Wehbe has played a concert in Dubai with a heavy appearance of a high cost silver glass, and the audiences interacted with her.

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