Hailey Baldwin changes the name to Bieber on social media


Hailey and Justin Bieber. Picture: Instagram

Hailey Baldwin has changed his name to Hailey Bieber.

The knit 21-year model joined Justin Bieber, 24, in secret service in September and Hailey has begun to use her husband's last name on social media.

Hailey is now Hailey Bieber & # 39; on Instagram and has been on site to name & # 39; Hailey Rhode Bieber & # 39; to be included.

The name changes just a day after Justin's picture was taken together on Instagram and wrote: "My wife is really good".

The two also celebrated the marriage by a & # 39; tattoos equivalent, and Canada's star star chose for "thin and rich" design next to his eyes.

Bang Bang, a renowned artist – called Keith McCurdy – said: "They got all tattooes. Justin's tattoo on his face, and I have never seen any pictures – so he does work good to reduce well.

"It's very thin and delicate [it’s] It's not a traditional couples tattoo. I am the Deputy I do not want to give it away so that the paper can grab it. "

But Bang Bang said the inking was beside Justin's eyebrow and revealed that he included "small words".

It is said that the little tattoo of the word "Grace", and another artist, JonBoy – who had previously created an almost unexpected word to Justin – recently published a picture the winner & Never Say Never & # 39; and the 23-year-old model that was named "Style & Love".

At the same time, Justin has determined his job responsibilities to spend more time with his new wife and his sources saying he is "content" where his life is now.

A recent director said: "He is happy and happy. He is in love with Hailey. She encourages him to do what he wants to do, and he is is encouraged in this self-detection season. "

The rider & Love Yourself & # 39; Planning on & # 39; jump back to the studio for any new music ever before, and people say it's "hitting them" when people ask him when he returns to music .

The source is added: "It is inside it when people ask when it goes back to the studio or on a trip. It has been working for years, and his first time to make a big break, everyone says, "When is it; come back? "Gu Justin, not just those questions – these requests are. For years, everyone is trying to get a bit off. I let it go."

At the moment, Justin is said to be "looking for her role".

The source said: "He's thinking," Hey, maybe it's not music; there. And there may be other things I should have to & # 39; do. & # 39; So, although it is emerging, the last thing that people need to do is. ask him when he goes back to the studio.

"He's really keen to make the world a better place, and he is self-aware enough to know that some of his previous choices have not been achieved. So he is work through, and it should be praised. do. "

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