Hailey Baldwin fashion model proves her marriage to Justin Bieber in an unusual way


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Hailey Baldwin's American fashion model seems to have embraced an unusual way to reinforce her marriage with the singer Justin Bieber by changing her name on the Instagram social network site to Hailey Piper.

Justin also had an image with an old woman in his hand: "My wife is amazing."

According to media reports, the 21-year model and the pop-up star was secretly married in September.

Hayley, who has 15.4 million fans, has changed both names on the site and the way she is introduced.

Rooms have been spaced with a & # 39; couple had been married in New York two months ago, but Hailey refused.

Hayley and Justin, 24, said they were involved in July. Justin wrote on Stangram: "Hey, I'm in love with everything about it."

"I am very passionate about spending my life to identify all of you and to love you with all your patience and kindness. It is your heart and it always helps you & # 39; end over. "

As the famous pop star wrote, "You are my love, and I do not want to spend my life with anyone else."

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Justin Bieber has 102 million fans at Instagram, while Heilie has 15.4 million fans.

The website has been registered as a merchandise so that it can be used on goods and prevent anyone else from doing so, said TMZ, an episode for star star and celebrities.

On the night of God, Hayley was seen to throw a jacket with her; Behind the Bible at an event for the New York jerseys.


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