Hailey Baldwin tells of how her love story started by Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin on the obstacles that he had to show a fight Justin Bieber

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Hailey and Justin had no disagreement at their first appearance, their friendship started with a friendly friend when they met his gratitude for his father. model, Steven Baldwin, including them when she was 13 and was 15.

While he was an interview with the Vogue magazine, Hailey recognizes that he was not Justin's fan, he never thought Belieber himself!

"I have never been a big fan, off or anyone else. I was never so tired and crying. I did not think about it in any way, except it was wise. Everyone was in love with him. But in the first years we had a weird age gap"

When they met, Hailey and Justin met again, and when they started their lovely relationship: "One day, Justin went to Hillsong and said: "Hey, you're getting older." I said: "Yes, what's wrong?" Over time, he was my best friend; there. I worked with him as a friend, but we did not; graciously"

The relationship between their relationship came and they started back, but things did not work and they separated: "There were negative things that we still need to talk and work on. He did not miss the right word, it was more like an impressive excommunication. There was a time if he was going into your room, he would leave"

But things changed when they met again in the church last June: "The general denominator, I promise, is always the church. Before that we had already passed the drama. I gave him a heather. At the end of the service, it was like: & # 39; We do not; going to be friends & I was so, & are not we? & # 39;"

A few months after this reconnaissance, Hailey came into law to be Miss Bieber, when she married Justin at a court in New York.

Hailey and Justin may not have the most romantic friendship, but they were really happy, since they were married, he always says that Hailey is the girl; him.

Do you think it's love; there Justin and Hailey will it be forever?

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