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On the information of the accused of their friend and his / her; Major abuse depends on many fraudulent, property ownership (family), the head has responded to the event.

As stated by the Labor Party, November 6, Lao Dong newspaper, Nguyen Tien Duy (SN 1954), Le Thi Tram (SN 1962), Nguyen Thi Oanh (SN 1968) and many others in chomune Tam Da (Vinh Bao District, Hai Phong City) was the name of the person and the high school woman of Le Minh Dinh (1977) and his wife Tran Thi Hao (1979) People commit fraud for assets of dozens of households in and out of the & # 39; Communion, up to ten billion.

Related to the event, on November 16th, pMr Le Kim Dinh said that he and Mrs Hao have been divorced from 2015, both of them are no longer a husband and wife as a public information. The reason for divorce is also due to the fact that Hao is listening to others without playing, they should make debts beyond control.

"When my wife got money from people I did not know. When I saw the people who claimed the debt due to my duty, I put it in with a debt note that is relatives. The places I signed for almost 10 years I pay every month. The place where people have complained are relatives me, "said Dinh.

List of people who name private debt and unpaid debts.
List of people who name private debt and unpaid debts.

Mr Pham Van Tinh – The Dong Minh Chairman is affirming and saying that, according to the statistics on the demand, the number of people who his wife will name more than 10 billion. But that money is the clear interest or money that is clear. But Dinh put his wife apart.

According to Mr Tinh, a lending check to & # 39; specially related to his wife. Until now, local authorities have not found anything saying they have given a loan or money. However, this time, there are strangers in the school and Dinh's emphasis is on her; debt collection.

Pham Ngoc Quynh, Head of Department of Education and Training, Vinh Bao area, said about the event: "Mr Dinh has not signed much money when he lives with his wife a lot. he has paid his debts and he pays a surplus.

It is known that the Education Department has asked Mr Hao and the teacher to explain and test if wrong. The police investigate the finances in addition to Mr Dinh's responsibility and Ms Hao according to the letter of the people.

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