Haitian attacked a forester after losing 4 fingers of his hand: a tender company offered to his country National


A Haitian worker invaded the forestry company where he was subsequently hired Four fingers are thrown into an accident As long as he was working on a wood handling device without having a & # 39; get the necessary training.

It is about it Dominique Melvin, 27, old, who came to Chile in June 2017 and a month later he started working for Company SerfocomDevolved to crawl, & # 39; planning and selling raw wood in Los Angeles, Department Ñuble.

On November 16 of the same year, the worker's left was captured in a chain chain called "sparkler", which He did not work regularly and praised his hand.

After seeing that the machine was causing its keyboard, keyboard, ring and pink, Melvin he went into a state sweeping and it was confirmed that there had been anxiety.

After the accident, the hostel made an informal offer to the employee 500,000 pesos and tickets back to Haiti, which was rejected.

As ADN.cl was able to prove, on Monday Melvin filed applications for rent for accidents related to the work Second Labor Party of Los Angeles, with the help of the specialist lawyer in this kind of reason, Jorge Segura.

The document wants to compensation for moral damage (physical, psychological and lively) and heritage (loss of earnings), the last one because Melvin was left by hand that could be used and with many problems having returned to her; labor market.

The defense of the employee requires 140 million pesos to be paid for moral damage and 131,328,000 pesos for lost profits. I mean, Over 270 million pesos as a whole.

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