Hajkova: Many smokers cause continuing diseases


Worm worm disease (COPD) causes a number of factors that affect people's health. Smoking, air, transport, and some of the most dusty dusty jobs to the lungs.

"Smoking is most dangerous to smoke active. It participates in more than 24 diseases, but up to 80% of cases cause COPD. The WHO World Health Organization considers tobacco beliefs for being a discharged disease in the world. Up to one-third of the world's population is over 15 years old and smoking is nineteen and nineteen. Smoking was over 18 years old. While he was in 1990, COPD is the sixth most common cause of death in the world, it is now a quarter, and maybe it is the third place in 2020. In the end, more people Smoking in Slovakia, we are in see a high number of women and, in particular, smoker more boys' girls, " At Monday's Monday morning conference in Bratislava, helena Leščišinová.

The Speech Conference was held in November – Lunar Month, World Day of Pregnant Contamination, and International Smoking Smoking Day. At present, producers from the Outcome Fund for the healthy lungs consistently make educational and educational activities obstructive to the public. This is also important because smokers do not understand an unsupported product. Disease that is unreasonably damaging the lungs. Smoking can not be injured and its neatal effect is gradual. Unlike a stroke or heart attack, it does not kill it suddenly, but the disease has grown over many years.

There are even many people who smoke, according to Martha Hájková, MD, a senior expert in the Ministry of Health of the Soviet Republic of Biology and Biology, and make sure that this is not damaging. Although COPD can not be cured, early diagnosis and the proper treatment of the patient can be up to 25 years of quality life. However, many patients are misleading in the treatment and cause a decline in the situation.

"The lungs were made to clear breath. Patients who only come to the doctor are at an advanced stage of illness, which is much harder. Diseases may concomitant as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, anemia and depression, which affects more than 40 per cent of people who are suffering from diabetes. suffer COPD, related to continuous burning in the & # 39; body. It is not suitable for people to smoke in the public, and there are many TV shows in the TV where they are often smoking. It is particularly detrimental to young people, " says Hájková.

Impressive, quick-acting lung disease begins with breathless breathing, continuous coughing and mucus. Chronic pain, tiredness, weight loss and other symptoms happening. There are many ways to stop healthy lifestyles to maintain healthy lungs.

"Smoking is the only available drug that can be used without port. The person who suffers average smoking every year; costs 1300 to 3000 euros per cigarett. He will also significantly enhance healthcare costs. The error is that the health card does not describe who is in a position; smoking. In addition to the detrimental effects on the surrounding area, smoking also causes significant social damage. For example, Krásna Hôrka fire, " Leščišina added.

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