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125 million Euro will be entered into the InPost Teourier company. This is the next installment of the battle for a pole-machine market. So far, InPost was an uncertain leader who was in a position; this market. Its services are 50 per cent growth per annum, which is several times faster than the online market on which it is based. The company's network is now 3.8 miles. Paczkomaty – at the end of the year there should be 4.5,000. This is the largest network in Europe.

– It's not really any day for information on small parcels to our small town post boxes – says Wojciech Kądziołka from InPost.

However, Poland's Post does not expect to release the matter. According to Rzeczpospolita, by the end of next year, the national worker will set up a thousand pilot tools in Poland, including Biedronka, at Lotos and Dworcach stations. At this time, its company only states that it is a doing business speeches.

– Now, the method of attending the online selling market is a & n; pick up points – Justyna Siwek says from Poczta Polska

There are 9,000 points like this at the post office. By the end of the year, almost 2000. According to Krzysztof Piskorski from the Post Office Institute, there is a lot of market space in

It's worth 6,000 million PLN in a & # 39; Polish papal machine market

It is also said that Polish Post Office should be learned from whom. In Europe, one of the Spanish company's slot machines directors. He has 3000 such devices. Deutsche Post's national operator with similar results also performs well on his / her. this market.

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