Half of the Amazon's new headquarters were like a big city


Everywhere, he will build an international exporter as a fully-equipped town. In Virginia, for example, the new headquarters are coming to land. The headquarters of Arlington County (Crystal City and Pentagon City) and Alexandria (Potomac Yard) covers.

It is expected that the 38-hectare National Land habitat in Virginia will live in 25,000 new employees. The investment for this area is $ 2.5 billion, equivalent to the new headquarters building in Long Island (New York).

Virginia's state facility seems to be renowned as Pen Place as it is part of the Pentagon Town.

The largest area of ​​National Land, known as the Central Area Center, will have a 12,000 square meter center.

There are also special shops, grocery stores and restaurants at the shopping center, which will be built by the end of the year.

There is also a 4,500-square theater called the Alamo Drafthouse.

This infrastructure developer is in the JBG Smith. The company is expected to update and convert the Crystal Drive 1900 transformation into a 750-unit flat building.

1800 South Bell Street is one of three built-up buildings that Amazon expects to use.

It will also use the 17.200-square 1770 Crystal Crystal building for offices.

New Amazon employees will have the option to work to & # 39; rent or buying furniture in the diversity The Bartlett 23-floor, which is a? Provide a private privately offered on Food Whole.

Amazon was awarded an agreement to spend $ 295 million on transport, including access to Crystal City and Potomac Yard.

For example, local people can access the new boundary at Crystal City, which is located in the Central Area Center.

The Arlington and Alexandria Counties also spent $ 570 million for the opening of new roads, placing tram lines and public transport.

According to VnExpress

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