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The study is carried out by 104 men from Sweden between 17 and 20 years. When the researchers were changed for a number of reasons, including macicine exposure, socio-economic and smoker issues, men with a smoke certificate 41 percent of sperm depression and 51% less sperm than men to smoke. The Lund University's research group is a & n; the first one who says this.

"I was very impressive that no matter how much nicotine mother appeared, those men put the amount of smoking sperm," said Jonathan Axelsson, a researcher at Lund University and a specialist physiotherapist at Occupational medicine and habitat at Labmedicin, Skåne.

Clearer links with father's smoking
The undefined kotinin is a nicotin converter that can be measured in the blood. By measuring the level of kotinin, you can see whether the parent itself is that; smoking or passive smoking. Many previous checks show that it is not good for the fancy when it's; mother's smoker, but in this study, the relationship between his father's smoking and sperm populations seems to be even more clear.

Why that is happening, Jonathan Axelsson can not explain. Further research is required to understand the basic media. On the other hand, he says, similar surveys have also shown that the relationship between smoking with the father and different health outcomes in his / her child, such as bad collections.

"Unlike her / her mother's eggs, harsh harsh cells are constantly divided throughout life, and in a divisional cell division, pigs often occur. We have many mutagenic substances in tobacco fog, and then think that the genetic breeding cells are transported by rent and thus overlapping a gene that has an adverse impact on sperm in the sons, "said Jonathan Axelsson.

It is influenced even during the breeding season of the girls
Most new methods (known as novo mutations) have a & # 39; coming through his father and relationships between the age of the father and some complicated diseases too. In addition, smoking is linked to DNA damage in sperm and Smokers have more crime on DNA flow. Children who smoke in a special part of DNA are reported to have more children's excursions than the children who do not. smoking.

"We know there is a link between sperm counting and a chance to have a fertility, so it can affect the chance of those men to come to the future. Smoking The father is also tied to the shortest breeding season of girls, and so it seems that everything depends on whether there is inconsistent smoking, but that more studies may be closer to a causal relationship As possible, Jonathan Axelsson will finish.

The article is:
Association between family smoking during pregnancy and the quality of seed semen. PLOS ONE, November 21, 2018,

Jonatan Axelson, PhD, Researcher, Laboratory Medicine Department of Lund University and Specialist Physiotherapist in Occupational Medicine and Laboratory Medicine at Skåne, [email protected]

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