Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes to PC


After more than four years of Xbox One furnivity, Halo: The main summit will be later on in PC. He published Microsoft and is developing 343 Highlights last Tuesday.

Master Master will arrive for PC for the first time from Halo 2. Photo: Microsoft

Through its website the developer claims that the PC version will be installed in Steps, through Stam and the Windows Store, and it all starts with the most recent feature – Halo: Reach .

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Great demand

– By "Hal Halo: The Great Collection to PC", we have been hearing often from the Halo players: Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and we are unique pleased to meet both ambitions and tells the team.

To date, Microsoft has not shared any distribution dates, but according to timeframe, it is all starting again later this year. As noted above, players in PC must first contact Halo: Reach, before they start: Halo: Causing change, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 must be – let alone. The games will be available to purchase separately through the High Collection as they become available.

– For the team of 343 Industries, the most important part of the project is making sure that Halo: the Master Chief Collection delivers expertise on the PC. We took a further tour with our players to pick up the experience of PC which leads up to what the PC players are looking for.

For those involved in the Xbox One version, the Halo player: Reach – with the Forge and Theater – will be included free of charge. But those who have wanted the campaign and the Fire Department have to go with the purse, as these will be available through separate pens. If you have a Xbox Game Pass, you will receive the full sulamite as part of your membership.

343 Industries also works on a new Halo.
Halo Infinite was published last summer » t

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