Hammer Technology salary in November has not released postal separation – Smartisan Hammer Technology


Recently, there has been frequent reports in the media that technology has been shaped in a shortage of money and shortage of mobile phones. Nowadays, mail makers are also disturbed within new ùter technology, and it is also the case. show that the staff are 11
The monthly salary does not pay as recorded.Depending on the inside of the technology of the suspected earth technology on the network, the employee's salary will not be paid in November as recorded due to the fact that the money back.

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However, the commitment to pay Salaries in November is the first time after receiving the payment, and including five insurance and a personal income tax will be paid as recorded.

Yesterday, media telling that all products have been sold in the official Hammer Technology's official website at the moment; display "warning". Amongst the outbuilding materials include mobile phone products, support tools, self-contained hard equipment and various remote materials.

Earlier, experts at Hammer Technology said the company had an emergency, but take a little time.

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