Han gave Kiet's desire


Gingerbread rice sticks just 87: Bring your baby to the Kiet, look forward to the soft heart of Kiet

The Russian Rice 87 stick will continue to solve Han and Kiet's relationship. Previously, in paper 86, Hanna was released from prison. As well as thinking of many people that Han will regret what is caused by emotional movement, is different, it is still very attractive, unhappy and healthy.

On the first day of the jail, due to the traffic, Huong went to her; Taken in the middle, Han Han, who was questioned, was uncomfortable. Not only that, when he saw the car for a long time, Han hated the long house, the rent, the little house without laying down a word to know why A large family is now alive like that. Hanh's way makes a quiet person like Uncle Quang also shouting.

Returning home, Han did not show any sympathy to people's views, especially Trinh's carelessness. Han does not honor Trinh the surface, her mother's sister, many times than courtesy. Length of file (h: m: s)

Han is not interested in the story that Kiet returned, but he is not just Puc.

In the short introduction, a full Russian rice stick 87, midnight, Give two children Miu, Bear to find out Kiet. Hanan tells me how you love Kiet, Kiet's children in front of the child, but a white white paper, in the end, he is shown to be a courageous.

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