Han Liu started to really trust? Lin's Mill Water: Fortunately, it's only twice, or it's hard to see Politics NOWnews News today


▲ Korea was participating in the Kaohsiung Maestro debate, and was due to The food balm was swept away and that the performance was unusual. (Figure / received from YouTube)

At the end of the year, the election was counted three days. Taiwan's entire focus was not Kaohsiung's master. The blue-green applicant, Korea and Chen Qimai, debated a "centenary" on the late 19th century. Both sides were crossed each other and attacked and defended it hard. Unsatisfactory, many of the questions appear to be positive. The world left even the "original form". In this regard, Lin Chaoshui, who was a legislator on the DPP, said that Southern Asia was moved with the stratosphere and was acidic and strong. "Fortunately, he did not argue only twice, or it would be ugly!"

In cross-quiz on the debate, Chen Qimai asked in particular the problem of the "Yuutenant, Shanwei" fishing port Yu, Korea Korea Yu said that such information should not be known, there is a fishing director, and for the development of a petrochemical business and the headquarters of a & # 39; move to the right I did not answer the truth. I did not say that we should continue to & # 39; policy "oil section on the Taiping Island". In addition, Han's response to cultural policy says "I'm sure to understand creative business". He stated that the development of Weiwuying "a cultural leader of a good cultural bureau" needs to be established to create a cultural and creative business line. Remember the importance of # 39; of Chinese and English education.

In this regard, Lin Zhuoshui argued against the PO poetry, Trump chose the president with the myths, and Yu Yu is his son; worshiping Thump is also the responsibility of the social network, which travels in the stratosphere, just a & # 39; leaving protection of the stratosphere, In the political debate, the noises are left and just before the real policy. He believes that "Han is fortunate to argue only twice, or if it's hard to read" and said "In any situation, this is the truth of fact, the broad trees and the competition, everyone waiting for November 24th. Published. "

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