Han wants to start again from the outset, clearly revealed that Kiet returned


– – The next thing does not have to & # 39; As he had done, Kiet responded hardly when he repeatedly asked him, even Kiet saying he would have to do it; going back with Puc … in episode 87 Rice Rice is clumsy on broadcasting.

After Phuc's angry answer, Han returned to all her complaints. To cure their marriage, Han and Mai will provide their "way" to bring two children to help Kiet. Ms. Mai ri Han: "He addresses two children as his life, so you kill Kiet, then how do you miss.

That night, Han is really helping to manage Miu and Bear to his & # 39; Kiet. Build a perfect plan for Miu's baby to be aware of Kiet's heart but she was in danger of being in danger, she had traveled in a bad view of the story of Han in front of Kiet. In particular, Miu met that they just met Kiet and showed that her mother should visit but not. At the end of the sentence, Miu looked at Han carefree: "Mom, do you say that right?" I start with a "fire" to & # 39; worried for a child Miu should remember to come.

Kiet knows Han's idea but because of that, he invited 3 mothers to the house. Eventually, Han has a game design for her baby Miu wants to stay in Kiet's sleeping. But when Kiet asked to make sure Miu wanted to stay, she turned as a surprise as she did; last question: "Do you say that right?

Unwilling to lose, Han continued with her "other battle". This time, Ms. prepare food for Han to be turned into a woman in her husband's eyes. She did not forget to remind her to buy herbs because she was saying that the people were doing it. feel more interesting. How to plan, prescribe its cooking food at a & # 39; board and wait for Kiet to eat a band. But when he saw Han at his house, Kiet will be avoided and missed. still lie in the company and so will not go home tonight.

A few days later, Da continued to catch Baby Bear to meet Kiet. Here, due to her husband's three-year birthday, Han wants to return home to visit three but Kiet refused to be fair. Although Kiet has banned him, he is still trying to meet two young children and suddenly meet the mother of the happy children are happy with her husband's families. Although Kiet explained that Puc was missing, he put a bad story with her husband quickly. He can not suffer more, Kiet just has a & # 39; teach "one battle" and sign them to & # 39; move back.

A mischievous feeling, tears said; crying, Mr Wang, help him but he also missed. When Mr Vuong asked Han to allow him to give up, she began to frighten and regret her. She was wet with tears and did not stop her own. She knew she never found a good one ever like Kiet. She was heartbroken because she never loved her husband but was too late now. Naturally she left her husband and then he calmly wants to return, usually one can take it.

At the other time Ms. Linh is worried about her. passing by and Gong found Mr Gong. After learning Ms Bich was looking for Ms's story. Linh, Mr Luc has punished and corrected the misunderstanding. He ordered to meet Ms. Linh and suddenly he gave flowers for arranging. Unfortunately, Ms. did not understand. Linh Mr. Although this was not the ultimate goal; Originally, but also passed through. Come back to home, see the bigger mother who remembers Ms. Handicapped, incredible flowers and reminiscences. Linh if he farther anger anger look at the face …

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