Hand traffic is increasing according to Cisco on ZByte


Cisco is a host that supports the network; Increase expectations of annual mobile data traffic by 2022 directly under ZByte. By that time, one or more mobile devices have around 71% of people.

In 2022, around 12 billion mobile devices and traffic jT connections will create just under one ZByte per annum. Cisco leaves this with the Visual Network Indes (VNI). Above this is the result of the range and quality of networks that are constantly improving.

Over the next three years, mobile traffic accounts for around 20 per cent of global IP traffic, Cisco said. In addition, more than 8 billion people (71 per cent of the world's population) have more than eight billion mobile machines at that time. Add this other four-billion IoT device that also creates mobile data.

By 2022, a 5.7 billion people will have a mobile device.

(Source: Cisco VNI Global Mobile Traffic Traffic, 2017 – 2022)

The expansion of 5G network technology contributes significantly to this development. This means that the average average speed of 8.7 Mbps (2017) increases to 28.5 Mbps by 2022.

Confederation of complex network technologies

Despite this, wireless wireless technologies such as WLAN will continue. Cisco even estimates that around 59 per cent of mobile traffic will be estimated; crossing WLAN by 2022. That is around 51 per cent of global IP data traffic.

The reason for this significant increase in data measurement is also due to the increasing digitization. More and more tools are created to create fake data. Staff are constantly seeking to be able to obtain the information from anywhere. Instead of buying them from their company's network, for example, they are distributed through the mobile network, among other things.

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