Hang Dieu Stadium is full of certification to entertain Cambodia vs Cambodia


Due to the worry, since Hang yard yard has been built long ago and the last time marked bad adverse effects. Even some of the areas in the centers need some "some" people. A and B did not let the audience sit, to ensure safety due to faults and relaxation. However, after Ha No's Culture and Information Department has managed to handle a Hanoi club management, the team leaders have been in a position; Repairing and updating some items in the garden for the 2018 season.

So, from the beginning of the 2018 season, Hanoi's club is on the surface of refurbished grassland and the enhancement of the centers and some active rooms in a garden garden. Up to July 2018, this regeneration was completed and officially used for the Hanoi FC game in 2018. It should be added, when they were installed, & # 39; Hanoi club on the SA floor House to make a garden.

Hang Dao Stadium is ready for the Vietnam-Cambodia battle

Many people are worried, whether the stadium courtyard Hang Dieu opposes the range of audiences in the world; game between Vietnam – Cambodia coming? Mr Nguyen Quoc Hoi – Chairman of the Hanoi Club said: "There are around 20,000 people at the yard, but since it was updated and the installation of chairs on the states, only about 18 Thousands of people have. Recently, in the Hanoi SLNA and Hanoi game – HAGL, Hang Chat's stop is full of people but still safe, Vietnam – Cambodia should have a solution.

Mr Nguyen Quoc Hoi said that the blade could take up to 18,000 people, but recommended that the VFF and BTC only get around 13,000 tickets in the next game to control security and safety. of the game. It must be added, before deciding to choose the Hang Diem courtyard on the Vietnam-Cambodia battle, AFF and VFF also have to explore as well as detailed scrutiny.

It is known at the end of 2018, the Hang Diem garden will be built according to FIFA status, with an estimated cost of 7,000 billion VND.

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