Hang Park Here is a coach that is not "favorable" Xuan Truong, Quang Hai who forgot to do; forget to & # 39;


When the second half of the Myanmar game was warriors Hung Hung was attacked, helping Vietnam to take the initiative and almost not full 3 minutes after 90 minutes of official competition. With her performance last night, the man's "skip" is completely correct if this Park Hang coach is a & # 39; Give the opportunity in the next game.

In both win against Laos and Malalais, the Park Hang coach is an order for mid-game mid-game Quang Hai and Xuan Truong. Hung Hung in these games only when the game was settled.

Steang joined the meeting with Myanmar, Quang Hai and Xuan Truong again to divide the South Korean constituents to take over the middle ground. And the problems that emerged with mid-players were never as high as the ability to control the middle of the park.

AFF Cup 2018 Results: Myanmar Tel – Vietnam Phone

In the first 45 minutes, Vietnam's two pitch part was difficult to face the pressure of Myanmar players. Xuan Truong and Quang Hai are often not affected in the middle of the dispute and his; show that the gaps behind the center back to the defaults work under the cover.

Not only that, Vietnam Phone also has little coordination that continues to have a chance to & # 39; frighten the enemy The two most dangerous chances of The Golden Stars in the first half of Van Duc and Quang Hai come from individual attempts.

At the start of the second half, Park Hang Seo coach was changed when Hung Dung went on to replace Xuan Truong. The presence of "Dung Chíp" makes Vietnam middle middle clearly stronger. A 1993 born player moved hard. He was always shouting, telling his peers to defensive roles.

Park Hang This is not so hopeful Xuan Truong, Quang Hai who forgets Damh Hung! - Picture 3.

Emp Hung enjoys the opportunity with Park Hang Seo coach in the upcoming games. Photograph: Hai Dang.

In 45 minutes to play on the field, Hung Hung has never been less than 5 times on the same spot to break Myanmar attack. Players in the home team can not find each other in the mixed level. A red team had the option to come to Dang Van Lam's visiting warden with his & her; long ball but most of them are not properly done.

In addition, the cultivator of Quang Hai grew up. Thanks to that, the game for Vietnam Phone was also a bit; better than the first one. "The team also has no less than 3 times the starting point of entry, which offers opportunities for the team. Post-6 At least 5 dangerous opportunities have been created by HLV Park Hang students here but they have not Changed to aims. If you're lucky, Vietnam Phone can leave 3 points if the referee does not deny Van Toan's goal.

In the next game, Vietnam Phone welcomes Cambodia on the Hang Diem garden. With Hung Hung and Hanoi FC, it's going to be & # 39; playing in Hang Do a great benefit. Capitalists are very familiar with the grass here and they have little time to change. For a weaker team like Cambodia, strike strike in Hanoi has the potential to represent the power of destruction as in V.League 2018.

Prior to the challenging challenges of the opponents, the "Chips" area is crucial to the Vietnamese team. It is not surprising that the center park 16 Gu Seong Park took the lead in the next games.

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