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19-year-old Hanna Lyrek ran over the end line in Alta, who is a balcony. 04.45 Tuesday morning.

With this time, she was now the youngest of the Finnmark race, and with this victory, she retained the name of a Norwegian hero in long-term races.

– No, I didn't think it was. I didn't think so much about it, I said Hanna Lyrek was very clear and just after just a visit.

Lyrek took part in the 500-kilometer class, and is the first dog driver to complete the three speeds in Finnmarksløpet. She won the young Finnmark race two years ago, and last year was the youngest ever to reach a distance of 1200 kilometers. She came in 13 places.

In second place, Harald Tunheim (60), dog keeper, has a 12-minute experience after Lyrek. Last year he won the 500-kilometer race in Finnmarksløpet, and before that won the longest for five times. This year's race was the 22 nd Finnmark race of the old actor.

Harald Tunheim and Hanna Lyrek in a visit at FL500 2019

Harald Tunheim was delighted with the second place, and congratulated Hanna Lyrek after a visit.

Photo: Morten Broks

– She only went away

Tunheim was in charge of the race for a long time, but an elite crew went ahead and went on regularly. When they went out of Karasjok to attack Alta on Monday night, Lyrek was only 10 minutes ago. It took him just before Jotka was given, about 50 kilometers before the end.

– I saw his own head on the platform and I realized I was coming in. But I hadn't previously returned to Jotka Mountain Lodge, Lyrek said after the end.

– Did you say something to each other then?

I think he said something about it that he didn't know if it was possible to keep going. And no.

Tunzer has been very happy with Lyrek's performance.

– Hanna belongs to a new generation of cyclist who will be brought into the sport. It's not like old people who have spent many years passing things out, he said after reaching the goal.

– What do you think you hit on the finish line?

– When it comes to the dogs dog, they will be the first faster. And now she was a little faster this time. She passed past and I tried to keep watch, but she slipped. The way it should be – is just right.

– And the second place, does it feel as good as the first year last year?

– If it isn't just like that, it is still good. I have done a lot and faster this year, bringing in eight dogs, so it's really good.

Matias Skaufel Hindbjørgmo, Hanna Lyrek, Trine Lyrek

Hanna Lyrek's winner was welcomed with her boyfriend Matias Skaufel Hindbjørgmo and mom and with the actress Trine Lyrek.

Photo: Marte Lindi / NRK

Registration speed encouraged

Lyrek and Tunheim surprised the Finnmarksløpet audience, media and organizers even with the distance they kept from Karasjok and into Alta.

The speed is believed to be around 11 hours but both teams ran in just over 9 hours.

– I have good dogs. They are completely raw. He is completely ill, Lyrek said.

Finnmarksløpet, Trond Anton Andersen, has the communications manager, saying it has been “exciting” and has been the brilliant race for this year, and reflects the huge difference between two of the best dog racers in Britain. year. After all, Tunheim completed his first race in 1989–11 years before Lyrek was born.

– This year 's race is almost complete with the larger margins. Lyrek and Tunheim belong to two completely different generations and in many ways they are sports in the end that a woman is a sport where a woman is fighting against a man and a young man does. fighting against old age, he says.

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