Hanoi continues to share the division of taxi activity in the area


The Transport Department has a & # 39; drafting the Rule of Hanoi taxi transport business management regime; Find comments from relevant regulations.

From 2026, Hanoi's taxi "clothing uniform"

This new draft is a new point and publication that Hanoi has identified a taxi as a public transport. Therefore, the management of the Hanoi Humanities Museum's integrated investment, investment system on taxi drivers under the public transport development plan in the town, the main economic development plan – Hanoi to 2020, is established until 2030 and is adapted to transport infrastructure home.

In addition, the Transportation Department also introduced a new rule into the draft regulation to control the color paint palette in Hanoi. In particular, it will compile a design of three common colors of green, silver, white. The Hanoi Taxi Association is dedicated to contact the National Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Science and Technology to record paint color for Hanoi taxi.

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Hanoi still wants to "wear costume" for 20,000 taxi

The Ha Noi Transportation Department also aims to propose a "uniform" roadway for around 20,000 taxi in the town. In particular, from 2019 to 2025 new taxi cabs, the color paint will add to it; From 2026, color was used for a taxi operating in the Hanoi area.

Taxi drivers also need to comply with the distribution levels, for vehicles that are operated to meet the levels of distribution according to current regulations; New taxi cabs from the Governance will come to fruition: Ensure the level 4 level of emissions; from 1 to 2022: make sure level 5 is released.

Use the general software

In order to add a new point in this draft, the Department of Transport taxi companies, Hanoi will use the Hanoi stock software. Therefore, from 1 to 2019, the taxi units must share the software that will be shared using the Hanoi Share Software Center. Share Software data from Hanoi's investment is connected to passengers, drivers and taxi units through certified devices (smartphones, recordings).

Taxi drivers, licensed drivers are not allowed to use technical steps, remote equipment to hinder shared software of Hanoi's investment. The Hanoi administrative center is built and operated by the Hanoi Taxi Association.

The provision of a shared taxi administration center for a taxi cabin in Hanoi is designated, through the shared share of Ha Noi's taxis, to transport management and to make transport better to reduce costs. cost and efficiency of the taxi.

The shared software of Taxiid Hanoi is linked to the Town's traffic management center; monitor the operation of the registered quality taxis and how the provisions of the Regulations are implemented.

Taxis also be based at public taxi parking spaces, which may be arranged separately or on the internet with other public parking spaces; To comply with the general stop and stop plan in the # 39; village; You need to have a taxi place (according to a parking area);

Taxi boxes will stop and park at a large number of public parking for more than 20 (twenty) minutes. After a period of 20 minutes, the taxi must move from the public transitory place. If the taxi needs to park more than 20 minutes, its taxation must pay a fee for keeping cars as ordered;

Scheduled taxis for operation in zone 1 will be constructed and distributed at unbound stops. Do not use a lot of public parking for taxi in area 1 and again.

Taxis registered to operate in zone 2 are welcome, paying uninhabited guests to the place; Do not use fixed waves or taxi stops in area 1 and again.

What is their range 01, including administrative boundaries in areas that are? village; Zone 2, including administrative boundaries in urban areas and towns.

The Hanoi taxi administration rules were developed by the Department of Transport for a long time but still not yet agreed. Speaking some of the rules in this rule, the Ministry said; Transport that Hanoi should not paint color for taxis.

"According to the current law, it is not appropriate to mark a paint color for taxi companies. Hanoi should paint the paint color to guide the selected campaigns, and allow the industry, enhancement of the unit's logo "- a representative from the Minister of Transport for ideas.

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