Hanoi praised the street Trinh Van Bo


Hanoi The Chairman of the Nguyen Duc Chung Committee has just signed the application to the Town Council for the designation and change of street name in 2018.

In particular, the town asked the natural city of Trinh Van Bo, to name streets in the southern area of ​​Tu Liem.

The street is 900 m long, 50 m wide, from a tour between Nguyen Van Giap and Tran Huu Duc Street to the bottom of the bridge over Xuan Phuong.

The street was covered with asphalt, with bows, trees, electricity … with 220 households and 800 people living.

Indigenous alliance, Trinh Van Bo. Photography materials.

Indigenous alliance, Trinh Van Bo. Photography materials.

By the end of 2017, Hanoi Hanoi's Trinh Van Bo was asked to name the street in the Cau Giay area for 1.2 km. But, because he did not agree with the family, his name is a street name; giving over 5,000 gold for the deferral of the government.

Trinh Van Bo (1914-1988), from the town of Dong Hoang, the district of Ha Dong, is the youngest of three and three other sisters. Zhen Wong, a Vietnam entrepreneur in the early 20th century. His grandfather's grandfather, Phen, Chinese after that, got a Benefit trading guide. The drop is also a shopkeeper. He was not only a successful businesswoman, his father was also a teacher of many famous entrepreneurs such as Nguyen Duc Mau (Phat Dat), Mai Ba Lan (Loi Quyen), Vuong Xuan Tạ (Loi Hoa) .

In 1932, he married Hoang Thi Minh Ho, the daughter of Hoang Dao Phuong, a wealthy winner merchant and an old laird. In her husband's business post, Minh Ho has an important role. According to his account, he received all family assets through the Welfare Cloth Store. Not only does Vietnam serve but also trading in Indochina, China, Japan, Switzerland, India …

When 1945 collapsed, in response to an invitation from President Ho Chi Minh to the gold week, the wealthy businessman, Trinh Van Bo, supported 5.147 gold talents, equivalent to 2 million dong for Indochina .

Mr Trinh Van Bo died in 1988 at the age of 74. His wife Hoang Thi Minh Ho died in 2017, the age of 104.

He got his first independent base with his & # 39; Party and the State. In 2006, he received the title "Vietnam Entrepreneur" with three famous entrepreneurs: Luong Van Can, Bach Thai Buoi and Nguyen Son Ha.

In the bid to the 7th meeting of the People's Council in early December, 1818, Hanoi proposed the name of 42 streets; change all 5 streets.

New streets are named: Water Resources Minister Nguyen Thanh Binh; Nguyen Dinh Tu Nuclear Scientist; Mr Sun Quang Phiet, Vietnamese Corps Founder, Tan Viet party, one of three organizations to participate in the Vietnam Communist Party in 1930; Khuc Thua Du, who put the foundations of national independence after almost 1,000 years of Chinese rule; The artist Bui Trang Choc, painted on the Vietnam logo …

Among the arrangements recorded are Nguyen Van Huyen, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Tran Huu Du, Dang Thai Mai, Nguyen Manh Tai.

Thanh Xuan Park's name praised the land planned in the Thanh Xuan area.

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