Hanoi: The old hotel of the town was caught fire, and saved many of the lines


At 6:30 am (22-11), people in Hang Than Street, Ba Dinh area, Hanoi were frightened for theirshirt fire.

The fire started in the hotel's kitchen and restaurant area. (Picture: CTV Source)

The fire came from the 9th floor, the highest floor of the Moonview Hotel at 61 Hang Than Street. This time many people were still living.

We know that the hotel is very busy to stay.

The hotel is located opposite the police headquarters. Shortly after the bell was feeling, the police force was in attendance and sent away visitors who were there; stay at the hotel to the safe place across the street, as well as traffic to remove the fire.

Foreign tourists escape the road. In addition, many people are involved. (Photo: Source: CTV)

The 9th floor restaurant also fogs high from the hotel's kitchen area. Many people want help from this area. Witnesses saw a lot of people crying from the balcony on the 9th floor and try to climb over the balcony down the stairs.

Firefighters are present after 15 minutes and they commit fire fighting. Three fire trucks were sent to the scene.

A fire comes from the top floor of the hotel.

By 6:50, the fire was under control. The local police officer said the strangers were freed safely, currently reviewing the entire hotel area.

According to Vietnamplus

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