Hanoi through the sight of the old memories of youth resources. Travel to find


Hanoi is very tough, very hard but a quiet step is very strange. Small, old, old, but doing things; more beautiful capital.

Hanoi through the sight of the old memories of youth resources

The winter is coming, Hanoi cold, suddenly I remember & # 39; I know the day the main city is still sun. I am particularly fond of the old things and the old town today, this is exciting. The old collection house, where painted is away, is the long-standing walls, the narrow balcony corner called "tiger cage" … attracts my lens to an oddly.

Together they do not appear in Hanoi today. One day, this old building will be let down, with new, more modern buildings. Only Hanoi can be missed through the pictures.

Grandfathers and chairs, often seen in the 80's and 90s, now live in old houses; preserving the old way of life, or wildlife. South Westerly

His aftermath by Hanoi will be convicted when he returns the dresser in the shape of the iron door, with full memories of his youth.

Although the old bedroom was built in an architectural style, it was renovated and rebuilt, and it was still a very good character, really Hanoi. The ceilings of blue, red, coming inside wall wood mosses, and & nbsp; praises the people of the outdoors of Hanoi to remember the old house once and they have grown up.

Despite the confined space, the houses have a warm, familiar appearance. Old balcony corner in memory of many people where every morning is sitting; talk, jump children, & # 39; lovely laughter.

A person who has not been born and brought up in Hanoi like me, but who is associated with this land for a long time, also has a feeling that each area is familiar here. The new street corner in Hanoi, although it did not turn it on, but I still feel safe when I'm in a while; to visit.

The old corner of Hanoi is a fascinating place for the robots, where people are fascinated by people, the promotion of social networking sites that have been written about love, life …

The only thing that I enjoy enjoying the accommodation that is; placing a tree tree. From a white spong bush, climbing trees into iron bars, the big leaves went into the window … I am Feels that Hanoi has a feeling of a silver, quiet, peaceful peace case.

The old man, empty, as today is in a memorial of today, is home to memories of many parents, and celebrates youth souvenirs about young adults.

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