Hanoi vs. Shandong Lu Yi: Amazing & # 39; Vietnam between China?


The Vietnam team was over Bangkok United in the second round of AFC Reviews League with a minimum 1-0 score. They helped them to win tickets for the final player against Shandong Lu Yi, the third highest Super Super player in the past season.

There is a lower level in Asia that allows the Hanoi club to sail on the ground to host a ticket for the level of the AFC League group. With the main Vietnam Phone players, the Chu Dinh Nghiem coach forces have huge problems in human resources. The next series of pillars can not play in the next game.

Dinh Trong, Tien Dung, Moses will not be able to play because of their injuries, and not to play. Miss Samson, Thanh Luong and McDonald, although they are completely healthy, make this team confused. The fur sentence caused and the problems of teaming team team promotion teams to Jinan Town.

Hanoi vs. Shandong Lu Yi, said Hanoi vs. Shandong Lu Nang, see Hanoi vs. Shandong Lu Nang

At the same time, Shandong Lu Nang has many Chinese and world players. They have high-quality players such as Hao Tuan Man, Kim Kinh Dao, Luoyang or Man Utd's mid-player, Marouane Fellani, formerly the stripper Graziano Pelle and the Cuban Cuban defender. Some of these names are getting physical problems, but they are well ranked above the visitors in the & # 39; this game. Kim Kinh Dao is the best player, and Luu Tieu Bang is a coach of the Super League 2018 session.

Moses's absenteeism makes the middle of the pitch in the middle of the park not too difficult to predict the capital team, with Duc Huy and Hung Hung. ready for play. Quang Hai, Van Hau, Duy Manh, Van Quyet, Omar and Oseni are quite sure, but they have to express their own roles.

Van Cong's keeper was very spectacular though it was like a higher player, but if Thanh Chung had been used he would have to show himself. The last situation may be Van Kien, but he needs to work very aggressively in this game.

Meet the strongest opponent and you must play on Jinan's cold ground (the average temperature is -2 degrees C), Hanoi has many problems. But this time, the capital team put a real test on its mainland. With the competitive, hard and strong spirit of spirit, it is hoped that the army of Chu Dinh Nghiem & # 39; Amazingly, just like Vietnam has done in Changzhou for more than 1 year. before.

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