Hanoi's wife, Quang Ninh, is a man like a thin egg after her face


Wednesday, November 28, 1818 10:14 AM (GMT + 7)

The girl from Ha Noi – Dang Thu Ha got the colonel as stylish.

The two girls from Hanoi and Quang Ninh have been involved in the Change Life program for opportunities to change their appearance, to be more beautiful.

Hanoi's wife, Quang Ninh, is a man like a thin egg after a word - 1

Dang Thu Ha gets the psychological person, the inc of love after her; the sand

Its first 9X Hanoi – Dang Thu Ha, is a "real life change" after taking part in the Change Life program in 2015, which is funded in Korea. Her work and life are easier to breathe, more fun than ever. The most special, she found the man as good and after being beautiful.

In the past, Thu Ha had a lover but was not accepted. "Back then, the family of the sweetheart did not agree to share each other because we thought we would marry children to give birth to them, so there is no They're happy with me. We broke ourselves and finally, " 9X has a share.

You're lucky to meet her husband now. She showed: "My husband has no care about all my relationships. We come together with a variety of thinking, personalization and understand, love, & # 39; respecting my past. "

Get together, Thu Ha is the person of the ink. At this time, she should be worried that she is pregnant in the fourth month. Thu Ha: "My husband is very interested, before they come to work, they bring food to the room," he went on to work, he again asked what he raised him. My work is busy, but I still have time to spend with my family, in general, to look after everything. "

Dang Thu Ha is not worried about the birth of the original copy. She thinks: "Those who are going to be mothers, just want their children to be healthy, and the bad or the jewel are not, he's almost loved to love her friend, my son is at least the most beautiful of me. "

Hanoi's wife, Quang Ninh, had a man like a thin egg after repairing - 2

Childhood girl in San Diu – Huy Ngoc Anh was also participating in her. Changing life program – Change life

The second daughter, Huy Ngoc Anh (native of San Diu, in Quang Ninh) also looks fantastic after the arts. In particular, she was honored to cure Melaleuca and remove skin. Thanks to this, she is confident many times when she compares her new person.

Used to the black-spotted person still on the face, Ngoc Anh was sometimes troubled, crying because it seemed unlikely. Especially when she met her friends. This has taken part in the beauty correction program in 2016. He loved the & # 39; Capital, after the hospitality, Huy Ngoc Anh are the worst. She was lucky to have a & # 39; Finding an interesting psychology, without taking care of her all of her mind, asking her for her personality, not just for her beauty.

Upcoming, the two tried to have a baby. They are disturbed when they hear rooms that will give the first original copy. However, Huy Ngoc Anh puts out these things gradually because of that: "It's the children's crystalline relationship between two people. Everyone wants their beautiful children, but whatever their best is, and there's nothing to regret or distress. "

The 2 woman of Hanoi, Quang Ninh, had the human being like a thin egg after repairing - 3

Huy Ngoc Anh allowed to match a new man after the wedding

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