Hanyu Yuzuru, send a voice message in a blog Inspired impact "I am pleased" "I am mad" (sporty) -Yahoo!


  1. Yuu Hanyu, an email message in the blog Fan Fan "I'm happy" "I feel good" (sports info) Yahoo! With music and news
  2. Yukio Hanyu will take on the role of snow ambassador and it will appear in a new trade that reveals the rise of Fashionsnap.com.
  3. # Yuko Hanyu A player has been appointed as an ambassador to #Snow Skin! Impact of "source of beauty" for the balance of SPUR.JP
  4. Takeru Hanyu "Kyusei Snow Ambassador to CM new large distribution" of the majority on the exhibition (anecichi annex) Yahoo!
  5. Hanyu Yuzuru launches CM New Using New Ambassador Kose by "Snow Kyusei" with Video of WWD JAPAN.com
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