Hapal is open at the end of Weiss in production: he has not yet told me!


"I already commented on a news conference that I did not see that Vlado was leaving her bing, when I left the chance, walked my team I knew when I came to the fossil room He took me by hand and I went away I understand the problem that did not allow the team, it did not appear our coaches and the honor team, and that's not right. "Five, six other players could do it, but they did not do it because they were aware that it was not" said Hapal coach.

Margo said he was coming to an end in the production he said: "If he ever said he was out of representation, he did not do that before, I did not have an official opinion, and if not, I have no idea. The ball is on his side, he must explain what happened. Surely, I do not want to make ugly decisions. "

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