Hapal said he had full balls!


Ultimately on 2 December, Slovak football officers will know what they are doing; measure their strengths in the EUR20 2020 certificate.

UEFA has divided its productions into six performance bins based on results in the League of Nations. Slovakia will be third in Dublin. The ME will compete in ten polling groups, five of whom are five members and five six members. The first two of each game of the game get the game. The other four rooms will be marked by the LN. The greatest difference in the beta betting commitments is the best bet before MS 2018 and ME 2020 that there were nine teams in the basket 1 to 5 for a & # 39; War in Russia, and there were seven teams in the sixth. Now there are 10 choices in the first five baskets and only five teams in the last six.

The Schoopers left in the LN Section B to C, after discussions with Ukraine (0: 1, 4: 1) and CR (1: 2, 0: 1). Compared to qualifying for their Russian final competition from the second to the third basket. It also includes Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria and Israel. "We believe we left the second basket after the defeat in the Czech Republic, but we believe it is true, and we can see who gets the prize, but the clear goal is to go to the European Championship. " Report on the official website of SFZ producer coach, Pavel Hapal.

As well as a Slovakian election, a German basket, its Welsh collapsed, the Hungarian, and # 39; Greece, Albania, Luxembourg, the Faroe Islands and Latvia. Its largest group was registered by Romania, which fell from the 1st to its. 4th basket. "Germany has been in the power and play competition from the world-wide competitions in Russia, but it's a big football country with many of the great players, and I think it's just the loss, but that means that a group that comes from Germany from the second basket will be very sad, " Hapal thinks.

Six representative bids made the way to the litter higher. Switzerland, France, Italy and Poland moved to the first place. The last named team moved between the best of the third basket. Similarly, the two performance groups moved to Finland and Georgia. "The lightning is not a game now, but when we look at the second and third basket, the teams are almost at the same level, but we aim to get to the festival," added by a Japanese coach.

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