Hapal spoke about leaving Weiss


Only a month after the issue of the seven representatives who broke the life and leaving his coach Ján Kozák, Slócaig's representation is problem solving. It was created by a non-preserved agent in both the League Games of the Native Vladimir Weiss. Al-Gharaf's aid left Qatar, after the third round of the Pavel Hapal coach, the Czech Republic gap and left for the sitting room.

He did not show respect, it is not okay

Although team partners Eden Eden in Prague tried to spin at the end of the duel, Weiss had fallen asleep. Shortly after the end of the duel, he was already civilian in Eden corridors and looking out of the stadium. He asked the organizers to stand up with the coach that Weiss gave to the airport. He was a player of Manchester City, Pescara, not Olympiakos Greugach, and thanked himself, turned the other side of the carriage, gave one recorder and he went to Eden's eighteen times. He had already sentenced to sentence: "I have done it." We gave you the information during the night after Monday's match. There was a group that holding and talking in the Czech Republic affected by emotions, but the Wednesday decided for Plus Plus one day: "I've done it for Happa, I will put myself in the days ahead."

On the same day, Pavel Hapal coach also reported on the website of the Slovakian Football Association: "I said at a news conference that I did not see Vlado was leaving her bend, I walked to the team. I found out when I came into the decorative room. Then he gave me a hand and left him. I understand the problem that I can not afford. We did not show our team, the coach and the honorary team did not show it, and this is not exactly assured. Five, six other players could do what he did, but they did not do so because they were aware that it was not. If he ever said he was out of representation, he did not do that before, I did not have an official opinion, and if not, I have no idea. The ball is on his side, he must explain what happened. Surely, I do not want to make ugly decisions. "

Both 2nd and 3rd baskets are almost at the same level

Soccer started a Monday game on Japanese soil well, but Patrik Schicka could not return to the game after 32 minutes. "We've been disappointed after the defeat in the Czech Republic has left the second basket. But we're really giving it. We can see who gets the prize but the clear goal is to get to the European Championship, " says Pavel Hapal. As well as leaving out of the Third League of Nations, the loss was also a means a worse situation for the ML2002 qualification. Slovakia will pull from the third basket. As well as giants from their first basket, a team of the " teams to go to Germany. "Germany has been in the performance and performance competition of the world-wide competitions in Russia. But it's a big football landscape with a lot of big players. In my opinion, it's just a short time. However, this means that a group in which A & A is coming from the second basket is very tough. The game is not too easy. When you look at the second and third basket, the teams are almost at the same level. But we have the goal to get to the competition, " repeat Hapal's hobby.

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