Hapal told about the end of Weiss!


President of Slovak Football Vladimír Weiss for the Plus Plus portal One day said he had finished completing the national team under the guidance of Pavel Hapal's Japanese Trainer.

"I completed Hapla after Hapl, I will put myself in the days ahead," store of the Manchester Town, Glasgow Rangers, Espanyol Barcelona, ​​and Olympiakos Pireus. Shortly after a game in Prague, Hapal, replacing Ján Kozák's coach in October, he said: "I did not set out the game through the game because I was teaching the I did not know when I came. I'm trying to get rid of the player that's ahead, and we'll see, we know how it's & # 39; play, we have decided on this option, we do not let me go on, but never wrote it can not play in other duels, so I do not & See any problem. "

Hapal training has responded to the official SFZ Wednesday website. "I already commented on a news conference that I did not see that Vlado was leaving her bing, when I left the chance, walked my team I knew when I came to the fossil room He took me by hand and I went away I understand the problem that did not get a team, coach and a reverend team, and it's not okay. Other five, six players could do it, but they did not get out because they realized it was not. If he ever said he was out of representation, he did not do that before, I did not have an official opinion, and if not, I have no idea. The ball is on his side, he must explain what happened. Surely I do not want to make ugly decisions, " says for futbalsfz.sk theme Vladimír Weiss, coach Pavel Hapal.

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