Harabin: It can stand for such president


Svec asks Harabin's penalty for opening ceremony, considered by the sirens.

Bratislava. When the Main Court was on the top of the puppetearan mafia group in mid-June this year, including his headteacher, Roberto Lališ, was noticed not only on the life sentences of mafias.

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At the beginning of the hearing, there was a conflict between the judges who decided to make their decision; case.

Deputy High Court Chief, Stephen Harabin, said it was expected that the Assembly in which he was seated was unlawful and had been collected in a bad road.

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"Not to give the chair a word, he appealed to the accused of Chromka, if he complained about the unlawful of the Assassin," said Pavol Farkaš, chairman of the T-Seanaidh, told Harabin that "the accused person" has responded carefully.

The response to Harabin's situation came to the moment when the High Court Daniela Švecová complained to initiate Harabin's decree lawsuit.

This was proven because his proceedings were not allowed and "clearly it meant that the public session was put into a serious criminal offense".

"I am sure that its company is fully aware of this type of activity and that's the task of dealing with that philosophy," explained Švecová. And she suggested that the Disciplinary Commission transmitted Harabina to a lower court, that is, to county court, and also to pay her earnings down at seventy percent.

Harabin, who is standing in the election of next year's president, does not have a & # 39; make the bill commander.

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