Harabin should leave his court, not his / her; court is low, SaS says


"Due to the hearing of the members of the offenders, the judge Harabin challenged the Assembly, of which he is a member, of serious deviation, the same is not in the legal use" says Lodz Baranik (SaS) Member of the National Republic of Slovak Republic. Harabin, according to his words, which opposed their protection. "It was not the first time the behavior was good for the offenders," the applicant said.

The request from the High Court of Justice of the High Court, Daniela Švecová, for the Court of Disciplinary to address the & This case and decision not only on its & # 39; financial prosecution against Harabin but also when he moves to the abusive court, the Liberals do not; It is not enough because of the badness of the offense. "It would be appropriate for Harabin's role if he had to leave justice" said Baranik. It is anticipated that the Court Court will judge in accordance with legal and ethical standards. The SaS says that it will want to implement its control process in & # 39; judgment to ensure that citizens have a huge grievance that judges who need to break their legal duties need to; to leave faith.

Chief Justice of the High Court (NS) of the Slovak Republic, Daniela Švecová, complained for disciplinary proceedings against a judge on the High Court of SR Štefan Harabin. The reason for this is Roberto L. et al. He hopes to move Harabina to the courthouse and reduce his salary by 70 per cent. According to Švecová, Harabin threatens confidence in independent court decisions, fair and fair. Harabin had a public hearing in June 2018 in the Róbert L. et al. to challenge the legal conviction of the Shannon, to disturb the peaceful conduct of the session, and to express his thoughts publicly about the case that was judged not to be finalized legally. According to Švecová, she acted solely against the court status and opposed the membership of the Assignee.

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