Hard investigation launched over a trapped raccoon in waste water filled


WARNING: The story has a graphic picture

A Wildlife Wildlife Society member states that a raccoon that has been caught alive and then dried into a water waste that is the worst case of animal insectility ever seen.

"We'll always see awful stuff … but I've never seen an animal that was placed in a cèilidh outside where it could not get out of the water," said Stijn Verhouven , assistant director of Critter Care.

It was part of the water; in bed and nose in this rubbish full of water, according to the Critter Care Wildlife Society. (Critter Care Wildlife Association)

Verhouven says her young women have continued to live with her. surrendered by the wire but did not die long after he got out.

He thinks the animal was in the water for more than a week. However, the timeline was not established, in accordance with B.C. SPCA, who has launched a firm research.

"We need to get all the truth," said Eileen Drever's Animal Protection Officer. "We will carry out a detailed review and, indeed, make a recommendation to our Fiscal Advisers, if crime has happened. "

On November 23, Critter Care said he had not been summoned by a resident Burnaby tenant who said the landlord had received the captive animal in the # 39 ; dig.

She was a woman; in the mackerel that was in her; measuring around 4. Kilograms. (Critter Care Wildlife Association)

"Tell us that his passion was head and head in the water. And when he started talking to her, she looked up. [of the water], "said Verhouven.

"We asked him to keep it warm and comfortable until we reached there. He thought she was breathing at her last breath, she had a & # 39; dying on the place. It was very emotional. "

The Samaritan sent a good raccoon in a box with hot water blankets and bottle.

When Verhouven appeared, he was surprised that he had stood up despite being so weak and tough. The animal survived on the trip to the Langley Critter Care center, but he died some time later.

"She was really trying to fight but she could no longer go," he said.

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