Hard message Argandoña to Kika Silva after a romantic hatred with Pangal


Although we thought that the controversy between Kika Silva and Pangal Andrade had come to an end after the two were let in that they are only friends, Raquel Argandoña He put back the flames.

Today on the morning "Bienvenidos" on Channel 13 spoke Argandoña with a loud voice when Silva did, which would be going to deny what happened with Andrade.

The arguments were Raquel's; used without seeing the messages sent by Kika to Kel, the old wife of Pangal, where he confirmed that the "affair" was.

"I prefer to tell you, if you want to talk to me, I'm happy. I love you", Kika Silva would have written to Kel Calderón.

Under this argument, Argandoña challenged the following: "Kika Silva, I'm not sad. (You're) informal and thief", He sentenced sentence.

But Argandoña's words did not exist and they put "you need to have codes of friendship"It appears that Silva was a close friend of Kel Calderón.

As if that were enough, Argandoña made a theory about why Kika would say what happened with Pangal: "try to get back with your old companion"The panel said.

To finish Raquel he ordered codes of friendship: "People are passing through in life, and if everyone who sits me, I love me, but friendship needs to be kept up and cared for by a lot of", convicted him.

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