Hari Won was renowned as Hari Black in Hari Den in the 9th & 100th Glowing & # 39;


In a 9 "100 Seconds" program, Hari Won was renamed Hari Won as Black Hari, as her black wings were laughing.

Episode 9 & 100; Seconds & # 39; to the audiences opening Hari Won through the song Only dream. This is the song that appeared in the last episode of the film "Thien Y" with the singer himself in the end of 2017. With a light voice, Tran Thanh's wife was a giving a sentence to the audience. A love story, nothing must end when the feelings are still for each other.

As soon as Hari finished the show, MC Dai Nghia sent her the singer was blamed without being singing together, but instead he took over the stage only. only Ms MC also said he'd danced as a crazy & # 39; in the first program of & # 39; 100 seconds for her husband, but this time she lost her first friend. On the way, Dai Nghia also named her new friend Hari Black & # 39; because of her black wings she only smiled in tears. Back to MC men, Hari Won was angry back ago, and she said that Dai Nghia did not; cares about himself when he does not dance to her.

Hari Won - Dai Nghia
Hari Won – Dai Nghia
Ha Loc - Nhu Y
Ha Loc – Nhu Y
Lynk Lee
Lynk Lee
Dong Mon Theater Group
Dong Mon Theater Group
Artistic scanner
Artistic scanner

In program 9, the listeners will meet Lynk Lee with a mash up – Do not forget – Rose. & # 39; Appears in the iconic image without having a & # 39; Looking more ugly, Lynk Lee gives the audience a joy through the performance of music music. Sharing her profile, Lynk Lee has encountered a number of problems as stupid as the singer has never been convinced as a singing career. He had to investigate the movements of behavior, how the way up and down the voice, hair strokes, and movements for a short time. Through this image, Lynk Lee wants to leave a lot of things, as well as confirming that he can make more mix in music.

The show was 9th 100th brilliant & # 39; also for the audience to perform the artistic group. Reconstructing the image of the Vietnam U2 team in the U23 Asset Competition, the team will make an elegant scout reminders of the historical times when the Vietnam team U23 reached the competition of competitors so much for her & # 39 the first time.

In addition, the audience also meets Ha Loc – Nhu Y with contemporary dance; Thanh Tra does everything on the base with three different styles; Finally, the drama band Ðam môn with the essay & lsc Episode 9 & # 39; 100 Seconds & # 39; broadcast at 21h on 23/11/2018 on VTV3.

Nguyen Cuong

Photograph: BTC

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