Harrison Ford is getting faster in the new mystery of Life 2 Trailer Pets


Harrison Ford is a animated dog vocalist called Rooster in the latest edge The Secret Life of Pets 2This is amazing, this is the first film animated Star Wars and Indiana Jones A statue has played in the fifty years of age of acting.

The first one Secret Life of Pets hitting the play houses back in 2016 and attacked Max, a jackie spokesman who has built a simple life when Katie's owner takes care home – and a bigger dog – brown called the Duke. He won good reviews and gave him a huge box of £ 876 million throughout the world, making sure that a sequel would come. Illumination has been marketing The Secret Life of Pets 2 By launching a series of character builders over the last few months, and # 39; coming to an end with Bristol crashed on the morning of today.

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For the latest ones Secret Life of Pets 2 Rushes, Illumination have been taking into account the character of the Ford, Rooster, Welsh Snapper who Holding an order on the farm that Max, Duke, and Katie are going to visit the sequence. You can look at the new preview below, and then Rooster's official poster.

Based on the trailer, Rooster is so incredible that Ford is famous for being at any time that appears to him in public or promotes one of his films. The characters in the first one Secret Life of Pets largely after the screen of people of the actors who moved, so it is appropriate that the sequel will do the same with new invitations like Rooster. Case in the case: the new thing is; here Daisy, Shih Tzu that is being moved by Tiffany Haddish and – like Ford and his animated company – the same idea and moxie are like Girl trips Star is famous for sending a & # 39; Most of her comets.

Yes The Secret Life of Pets 2 Sellers have not focused much on the picture of the movie, the story begins to & # 39; Focusing at the moment. Judgment of the cuts, Max and Duke will Going up to a variety of Rooster farm leaders, shortly after Katie has been taking Max to an uncertain trip to the vet (see also: his dog here). At the same time, Snowball seems to be the white rabbit (Haddish & # 39; s Night School cost Kevin Hart) and Daisy will go on home tourism, with Snowdonia & passing alone – what else – a freelance. It's all very amazing and amazing, but the original movie fans are undoubtedly looking forward to and expecting them. look forward to the sequence.

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