Harry Reid Rebuked Amy Klobuchar for Bad Staff Care


Minnesota The service started at Sen. Amy Klobuchar and office staff over ten years ago and finally worried about such issues in 2015, then Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Senator's Senate Director, spoke privately and He asked her to change her behavior sources have confirmed to HuffPost.

Klobuchar, Democrat who intends to announce she is running for a rally president in Minneapolis on Sunday h mph West South Westerly Despite its history about a # 39; barriers to staff.

Reid spokesman said that his grandfather was in his position to have a & # 39; talks about private conversations with other grandfathers. In this case, Reid also does not; Remember if he had this debate with Klobuchar or not, the spokesman said.

"Sean. Klobuchar is one of the best and most strict members of the Assembly, and I was happy to attend with her," said Reid. "It's sad when it comes to fighting for the people of Minnesota and the country, and that's why she is as a great chancellor back home and among her colleagues."

But it seems unlikely that in Reid & 2015 in regard to Klobuchar translates in a long history of Klobuchar's behavior complaints, going back to her time as a lawyer Hennepin County in Minneapolis. That was the work of Klobuchar when she first went to the Assembly in 2006.

During that first campaign, air gathered together with an eight page memorandum; explains the responsibilities of the body body of Klobuchar, the member of staff who monitors the applicant's personal needs and advocacy. He was very fond of the challenges that worked with the applicant then.

"Especially as long as it's in a car in a busy day: if it is completely troubled about something, let me go through, do not stop it [sic] If it is not necessary and careful when you try to set it down, "the memorandum is reading." Often she just needs to talk open things and is not interested in the views of others – this is something that you have used for a & # 39; the first time this happens. "

In response, Ben Goldfarb, who led her campaign in 2006, said: "It's very hard to run for a political office for the applicant, family and staff, and our team proud to help him choose. "

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At the same initiative, a local AFSCME president asked for the union that was; representing many of the Klobuchar staff in the applicant's office, the biggest affiliate, affiliate Twin Cities AFSCME not to agree to the candidacy of Klobuchar Senate, saying that "a & # 39; poor treatment for staff. "

Klobuchar had "created a welcoming work environment" and "he harmed the office's confidence," wrote James Appleby, president of the area. The letter said that the complaints were significantly increased Klobuchar's pay, and Klobuchar told her staff that they were not able to work at her & # 39 law firm; before. He also stated that the local center had requested the union to include the application for the petitioner application in the county in 2002.

"In a short time, Amy Klobuchar is just the type of candidate AFSCME should oppose," he wrote.

The letter that Appleby gave to HuffPost and is redesigned below, after a challenging battle on possible salary increases for Klobuchar staff, over 100 were represented by AFSCME. The union claimed that Hennepin County's advocates were among the worst national payers after years of being the best payment.

At that time, Klobuchar stated that she wanted to bid for a salary increase but was limited by budgetary concerns, and she expressed the letter's claim that unlawful objections were made; increase under his leadership.

Staff workers are not their matches. There is a difference between & # 39; Make sure I have a Cocktail at an event & # 39; and choose my email; Dirty clothes while you are & nbsp; waiting for me to make clothes. & # 39;

She and her staff found that the letter was against the salary arrangements, according to the Star Tribune article in 2006. A member of a county board said at the time that Klobuchar had made a big deal for the increase, and Paul Scoggin, managing director of her office, praised as "an amazing leader." He asked the letter "mean-spirited and angry".

Scoggin did not respond to interview requests. An old manager in the office said that it was difficult to imagine how Klobuchar created a problem with confidence because she had no daily communication with her; most carers. "Can she be struggling to work? Yeah, because she has never stopped work," he said. "And that's burning some people, that's the job."

The letter, in a corridor that could look at sexual stereotypes of selected female officials, also says that Klobuchar's political ambition was a " Opposition to address her office. He complains that she is a # 39; gives credit for the hard work of the staff by working in the office's public office and refusing work candidates with a certification to work in their office in terms of "applicants who support her ambitions. "

Klobuchar, a talented politician who visited each of the 87 states in the state, was selected in 2006 easily and was selected twice with a wide edge.

But as HuffPost said on Wednesday, there were concerns about how she dealt with her staff and continued to Washington, where her level of staff is constantly changing one of the highest levels in the Synod.

An old member of her staff told HuffPost that Klobuchar needed to reduce confidence with ongoing and uncomfortable emails and ask staff to make her personal responsibilities – like to & # 39 ; Washing clothes at home – The breach of the Attorney's rules and federal law against the personal use of the office.

Others in their offices are in the Assembly and feel that many of the objections to Klobuchar may be the yield of sexuality, tell HuffPost sources.

"I've heard people say it's hard to work for it, and sometimes I'll hear when I hear it because I do not hear that I'm saying about male leaders in the Congress despite the fact that half of Transport is difficult to work, "said Tristan Brown, formerly a former legislative home.

Its personal use of staff is quite common in the Assembly and there are weak procedures at a & # 39; organization to implement its rules. The House, in comparison, wants its membership for breaking the law of growing law a bit more consistent.

There are no comparative rules on the use of enterprise personnel. And in a Senate race frenzy, it is uncommon for enterprise workers to do personal things – a & # 39; Getting dry cleaning, car cleaning – because the applicant does not have time just.

When Klobuchar ran for re-election in 2012, staff re-used the body memorandum body since 2006, staff 2012 said. Most of the notes for her & a normal body, with instructions for what she has in terms of a pack and how they will keep her forever. (An old employee gave a copy of the document that HuffPost does not complete his / her memorandum.) This memorandum is unusual: in 2017, Politico showed was not eight pages document from the then Producer. The Todd Rokita Office only dealt with how it would be the Indianaian voter guides in its area.

However, a long-term man who had reviewed the Klobuchar campaign memorandum for HuffPost said that he included responsibilities that he did; feel across a line, and the memorandum sometimes goes out, "" when it reads "" In order to make your conversation unnecessary.

The "Preferences section and Personal Needs section at home" is the section that disturbed the & # 39; most of it. "He gave an account of what the organization should do" for free time or when it is " Waiting in her room (the bedroom / bedroom) ":

  • Put up a cloth that she posted on the floor and its chair
  • Choose dirty clothes and a place in a basket (in the hall between a room and a dining room)
  • Shop textiles in print to find it easily (individually into shirts, appliances, etc.)
  • Throwing any rubbish in the draft place
  • Make sure that nylons / socks / etc in tarrays are arranged for easy retrieval

"Staff members are not a relative," he said. "There is a difference between & # 39; Make sure I have a Cocktail at an event & choose my dirty clothes while you're waiting I do to make clothes & … … I'll find it. The life of the applicants is extremely demanding and if you do not have the value of millions and you can pay someone for your household employees, sometimes Politically, they'll jump in and fill out their query. And it's not appropriate. "

A representative for Reid, the Klobuchar office, and her campaign did not respond to questions for this article. In response to HuffPost's first story, the Klobuchar campaign said that his grandfather was "respected by her staff."

"She has many staff who have been with her for years – including her Chief Executive of Staff and her State Director, who has been working for her for 5 and 7 years – and much that has gone on And doing amazing things, working in the Obama Administration (over 20 of them) is going to run for the office to even be an Agricultural Commissioner for Minnesota. She is proud of there and their work for Minnesota, "said the campaign.

It was the warning; at the memorandum about the old progressor's Klobuchar tour, talk to an unidentified state so that he can not. He can compare the experiences he himself.

He said that ordinary staff are usually warned of people who come to the candidate's decisions and the ways in which they are going to; come privately. It is seen as many candidates who climbed into the car after an event and a & # 39; begin to fight. "So you let them go," he said.

He goes across a line, he said, "if they are brought out to the person who sits there."

That is the problem of former Klobuchar staff and those who have been working with them.

He had previously been supporting old-old. Al Franken remembered a meeting at a Veterans Day event with which Klobuchar was running late. (Franken's abduction from the Synod in December 2017 after many women who killed him behave or beaten them, often at political events).

A young Klobuchar worker was sent out to explain how far the senator was and Franken's staff.

"I should tell you," said she, with a frightening look at her, "Seanad Klobuchar is late today because I'm bad at work."

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