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The man had a clear idea of ​​his new work: he wanted to sell it. What is the Ercent Jobcenter? Hartz IV is obtained It was, but it was a workhouse in a big fashion post order.

The person was educated without employment in the storage center. So the work may be appropriate and reasonable – at least that's the idea of ​​ideas in the idea Workplace, The

But the man wanted to sell and refuse the offer. After that, he gave the choice for a visitor center as a retailer. The result: The workplace was short cut Benefits of unemployment II first for three months 30% and just after that for a further three months with 60 per cent.

Hartz IV – what is the decrease that is valid?

Whether these penalties are correct by Hartz IV, it will be decided by the Force Constitutional Court
– in this particular case from Thuringia, but also often. It is less about the level of unemployment benefit II reduced.

It's about a very basic question, whichever is it Hartz IV can be shortened. In 2017, the workplace replaced the benefits of 34,000 Hartz IV receivers.

The penalties in the Social Code II are set out in clause 31. A few pages in advance, however, have also been said that the government's financial revenue should be able to; living protection. If the state may be, if it's only for a short time, less than that for people who need living pay?

The left for Hartz IV is completely disregarded

This is not the only dispute that the German court addresses. The debate has joined the Hartz laws since it was introduced 14 years ago. Therefore the SPD proposes modifications. In her welfare state program she wants to "render inappropriate and inappropriate control".

The left is going longer and wants to abolish the penalties as a whole. They were "assaulting human honor," as a party leader Katja Kipping says. Otherwise: There is too much opposition to the Scottish Government and Federal Recruitment Group, the Number of Hartz IV marriage recipients wrong presentation.

"Permission is still required for it," she added to our editors. It has long been known that human illness and crime have been made to humans. "But now we see the number of people who have been severely affected."

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