Harvard Crimson, RB Devin Darrington, is reluctant to recycle Yale Bulldogs


In the fourth quarter of Harvard's 45-27 victory over Yale on Saturday, Crimson ran her. Devin Darrington's back back up to a 27-yard scanner, but put hold on a branch because he did not. attacking the front line attack attack and was asked to go to; shifting South-

The penalty failed without Darrington's overseas, and Harvard had come out to visit Boston.

"The lowest line is: It was wrong," said Harvard coach Tim Murphy. "It was wrong. That's simple. It's the right right; it was wrong. I'm so grateful to our team that he did not have to learn that the hard way to try to stay with that for a year or not many years. "

At Crimson's next property, Darrington once again broke out, which gets 27 yards to his / her; 6. Two plays later, he introduced it from the 4 to give Harvard 37-27 directions.

Darrington, sophomore, finished with 91 yards on nine vehicles with two touchdowns.

The Associated Press added this report.

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