Harvard RB provides a central branch for Yale's defense on TD, Score is spread out of the table


There are personal legal penalties … and there are Personal Personal OffensesPost-Harvard retired Devin Darrington received the P-P conversion on Saturday in The Game for, as we say, a & # 39; welcomes one-finger to protect Yale.

The penalty occurred in a quarter of the competitors when Darrington broke for what should be run to put Crimson up to 34-28. However, the officers took the run back to move to Yale and eliminated the recycling away from the board. Look for yourself …

It will happen quickly, but it is the consensus that Darrington sent the bird over, and as a result there was a marriage penalty. By order, that means the return version can be returned. Preserved, the penalty did not finish, as Harvard dropped to win 45-27. However, it was a close game at the time, which means that a & # 39; punishment can be much larger.

With winning, Harvard completed a strike that lost two years to Yale. She has now won 15 of the 18 final meetings in The Game dating back to 2001.

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