Has a total of 200,000 bundling activities. "Samsung" has printed a video of "Galaxy."


08:59 PM

Thursday 28 March 2019

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Samsung South Korea has posted a video on its YouTube channel, showing for the first time the Galaxy Fold test.

The video shows the Galaxy Fold, the first Samsung mobile.

According to the Samsung News Online, Samsung Galaxy is a phone and tablet that provides a new kind of mobile experience, and the phone has gone through around 200,000 foldering operations.

“Due to the smartphone's design, the packaging test was the main part of the assessment of the Galaxy stronghold and can last up to five years intensity if passed 100 times a day.

Although the range of tests may well be part of the truth, it is essential to ensure the rugged design of the phone and the "Infinity Flex" screen, Samsung said.

It should be noted that "Samsung" has not sent its phone on 20 February at last, not being sold at that time.

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