Has already been decided in Novo mesto, Velenje, Celje and Murska Sobota, the second round


What are the results of urban towns (do we report on Ljubljana and Maribor)?

Griogair Macedonian


Griogair Macedonian who is still a master.

In the first round, the name of her & # 39; named in Novo mesto and Velenje, as well as Murska Sobota and Celje. In the largest town in Dolenjska, the current winner 65% Griogair MacedonianPost-Competition Jože Kobe He landed at 15 per cent.

"I think today, New Towners and the New Towners have decided to keep a successful story. I am happy and I believe that We will be writing together for the next four years, " tells the journalists interviewed and this year's election campaign was evaluated: "I think we have shown in the last four years that we are a team that we know how we work, that is what voters and voters have won an award. "

The elections were also arranged in Velenje. Current high school Bojan Kontić Looking forward to a 59 per cent impact. This is his third term. His opponent Suzana Kavaš 16 per cent.

In Murska Sobota he continued the chair of his mariner Aleksander Jevsek (about 70%), which was considered to be a benefit to the policy in relation to connection. His Bojan Petrijan rest was around 30 per cent.

Celje is still in the field Boška Šrota, who already manages his grandmother's home in the sixth year.

In Kranj, Nova Gorica, Slovenj Gradec and Ptuj last two weeks

matjaž crab


Rakovec believes that it will not be difficult to move his economic knowledge into the seaman's work if it happens to succeed.

In Kranj, 49 per cent of votes are counted, with 30 per cent of support, the SD candidate and guidance Matjaž Rakovec an independent candidate Zoran Stevanovic, to vote for 21.5 per cent of voters. Even the advocate – Ivo Bajec, run by the SDS, NSi and SLS support, and the FEB and More candidate for Kranj Iztok Purich relatively close.

Potter is capable of Ptuj. After more than half of the votes counted, they are very close Nusha Gajsek (29 per cent) and Štefan Čelan (27 per cent).

Nova Gorica is also closed. Current Mariner Matej Arčon (37 per cent) at a competitor Klemnu Miklaviču (28 per cent).

In the smallest province of Slovakia, the municipality of Slovenj Gradec, where voters chose four candidates, the unofficial results of the town election commission are " show that they were in the second round Tilen Klugler and the previous masters Andrej ČasThe first one received, according to unofficial data, 48 per cent of the vote, and the remaining 34 per cent.

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