Has China established for 600 years ago?


Is a Buddha bronze image looking for a & # 39; dating back to the Ming kings in the northwest sand of Australia, evidence given by the Chinese to visit and rescued here for 600 years ago?

Is not it a small, heavy, one expert dating back to the early 1400s, which is just tough?

Two film makers and activists have claimed to find the image on a remote beach in the Western Gascoyne area of ​​Australia.

Leon Deschamps, second generation historian and photographer from the Shark Bay in the Gascoyne, was echoed by his co-director and partner, Finn Films, Shayne Thomson.

The men found the image that used metal detectors when they were; filming for a documentary program about early French research in Australia in the 1800s.

Deschamps and Thomson were looking for things to do. they left away at the Napoleonic time when they came over to Buddha, Despite its small size, only 1kg.

They have now outlined the "we can" search on the Clachan Treasure 1421 of the Chinese Ming Descendants of Australia up to two centuries before Europe. "

China's former president Hu Jintao, sailed in the Australian Parliament in which Chinese Ming traveled to Australia in the early 15th century.

That is 350 years before Captain Cook, and over a hundred years before Willem Janzoon and Dirk Hartog West Australia arrive, the second who adds a grass plate at Shark Bay.

English Pirate William Dampier called Shark Bay after sailing in 1699.

"Sometimes, the Chinese traveled over huge seas and settled down in the so-called" southern land ", not Australia today," said Mr Hu in Canberra.

"They brought a Chinese culture here and lived consistent with the local people, expressing their depths to the economy, the Australian society and a successful society."

This "fact" may now be debated entirely by the Buddha statue, by Deschamps and Thomson.

Sydney University scientist, Xiaohuan Zhao, said the baby Buddha seemed to have been the early Ming, Australian statement.

Mr Zhao said the image could be during the migration of Yongle, from 1402-24, or emperor Xuande, 1425-35, but may have come to Australia after Ming Dynasty.

But Lecturer's archeology and history of Notre Dame, Shane Burke, said that any claim made from China to Australia in the Ming chiefs should "be sent out oral claws ".
Warden at Melbourne's Australian Australian History Museum, Paul Macgregor, told The Australian that even if the truth was true he would not confirm the message of Ming-era's financial resources.

"They could buy something like that from an English-language market or on a website," he said, adding Deschamps to him and Thomson did not give evidence on the identity of the image .

He praised that copies of 19th century Ming images were brought to Australia by Chinese pearls in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Thomson and Deschamps receive the "expert survey" image, but one "foreign expert in Buddha images", which had already been confirmed as Ming's images, said one.

The Ming family survived from 1368 to 1644.

Explore the Chinese "treasury holes", which was funded by wealthy and rural families, the world for minerals.

Applications arrived in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the North Territory and built small towns and Native Americans on the debate, and most of them were discharged.

The theory supporters have long been looking for a "smoking gun" to prove.

The Finn Films Facebook page is asking the question, "how did it come to an end on the beach?"

"Did Chinese traders run on our coast five hundred years ago?

"The world's biggest pirate & Black Bill Dampier … is the part of the funeral buried and hidden from the English king he was expecting to & # 39; praising too? "

"We will follow all directions from Pirate to Pearler to The Prince to show the story behind the Buddha Baby and to transcribe the history of Australia."

The Finn Films program explores the French search of Nicholas Baudin during Napoleon Bonaparte, to Australia in 1800-1804.

The documentary includes "Time Team" style hunt for a device that has been credited in the area by the Baudin scientists and botanists who were aboard the Géographe and Naturaliste vessels.

Deschamps and Thomson found the Chinese Buddha as long as they were climbing on the beach for items of Baudin tour.

The Fairfax news announcements said that the cannons were enough on the men, before they found a "big signal" on the metal detector and brought out the Buddha.

"We sent away the sand and we were giggle; we thought that the art deco candelabra was the 1950s or something," said Deschamps.

"But in another summary of excavation we turned up to Buddha's baby."

Can be found or a & # 39; burn without permission in some areas of attracting heavy taxes, but the men believe it was a legal finding; in the Main Road Reserve and that the item is legally.

Shayne Thomson said Australia The origins of Buddha's origins were part of the marketing strategy of the documentary.

"It's a bit of progress, but we just want to keep the debate going."

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