Has Sanli's design artist been doing balm bills? Korean Yu confirmed that there are only small things – Zhongshi news


KMT Kaohsiung, leading South Korea candidate, Yu participated in the 19th century TV debate. The famous musician Xie Hanbing named the political statement that Han was said to have been saying; Putting a balm into when they were cooking, causing bitter acid and uncomfortable performance. Sanli's television station said in this statement that "this is mischievous and stated". However, Korea, Yu, said in the morning that there were tasty food bills on the day. It was not used to erase the way center, but it was not so bad. This is a bit. Her daughter, Han Bing, said that Sanli artist helped her father to send a list.

Xie Hanbing identified in the political theory program that Sanli's TV Station artist helped with Yu Korean to put into a food balm, cause the neck to be uncomfortable during the debate. Sanli TV responded by saying that there was a parlor balm on the southwest day of South Korea. It was thought to have been a deceitful complaint; and ask for an excuse, or it would not be reported. Xie Hanbing said he did not mean he would be unwell, and he would never rest.

However, in the evening, South Yu's College said he had never been able to submit because he was the only television debut; there. When Sanli organized a beauty artist to help him with powder, he helped to shed a little balm. But it is not used to it. When it is wise in the debate, it is very inconvenient to speak. He is beaten by a toilet paper. South Korea Korea said it's not so bad, this is a bit.

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