Has the Government prevented the prevention of natural accidents?


People run the flood

Nha Trang after the flood, the water has dropped dramatically, the flood is brought back, there are many dwellings in Nha Trang which cover the atmosphere that worries the dead, a & # 39; falling houses, rocky soil, property damage. Many of the towns where there is "flood" in a spectacle of smoke smoke puzzles in the rest of the rest.

Who is responsible?

As mentioned Culture, in many places like Dong Phuoc, Vinh Phuong, Vinh Truong Ward (Baile Nha Trang), every line of people to see bad people due to landslide. In the mountain area (the town of Thanh Phat, Phuoc Dong commune), rescuers and their relatives are still looking hard for the houses that have fallen by La Han (age 69 and Tran) Duy Quyen (age 23).

Accidents of the dead, fallen by houses in Nha Trang, have a very difficult situation. However, his public opinion said that there were bad effects; lately on "planning of mountain overflow flooding, marine erosion that breaks the sea". In particular, there is a ruled rule, there is a lack of investigation on the construction of illegal housing in the planning and warning of natural disasters that are not pleasing to the people.

Many people have given specific examples such as: Deforestation is widely found in Dong Bo's town of Dong commune Phuoc, but no one is responsible? No mining projects, illegal rock mining in Dong Pouch and many places in the Nha Trang seat "believe" have been publicly stated but not being treated? There is a series of projects to digest the decline of the sea but after the cure still has to adversely affects the environment, it is the cause of flooding.

There is another fact, the series of temporary houses, which is "unauthorized" in Dong Phuoc and some of the planned areas of Nha Trang still why they are still wild? A governing body has made all its responsibilities? In particular, hundreds of households in the Long Salt Photocard are included in the design project for the last ten years but the project has not been implemented. At the same time, residents of this area continue with water, with water on their floods, half of the house is not repaired. Not some of the projects, there are large reservoirs in the mountains when the heavy rain does not warn people to move.

In particular, the Hoang Phu metropolitan area of ​​a property project fund was pushed and flooded, causing Tran Hoang Phong teachers and his wife and two children (Hoa Trung stones, Vinh Hoa ward) death. South Westerly

In response to P.V, Le Huu Tho, Chairman of the Nha Trang People's Committee, said that Nha Trang took the worst flood in the decades to disappear and his / her; causing many people to die and need. The people have built houses there (the town of Thanh Phat, Phuoc Dong commune – PV) has long been. It's always a fishing, they built temporary houses, they live year after year. "The site of a landslide was not taken into account, so when the event took place, local government did not get up, the local one was the first to worry," said Tho.

Ngo Khac Thinh, former president of Nha Trang's urban regulation, said that the construction in Nha Trang was fast, many urban areas were up but traffic and sewage systems were not changed. When the rain is heavy in a short time, the water will not get away and flood.

Find people missing in stone bricks

The authorities were warned

Dr Tran Quang Hoai, Chief Executive of the General Department of General Disruption and Control of Natural Disasters (MARD), allegedly that natural accidents have always been astonished at all times, and thus preventing the natural disaster him. To take careful steps to prevent an accident, we have solutions to reduce the damage. Floods and mountain landslides are in remote, remote, remote areas. However, for Khanh Hoa, the people and the government have no knowledge and infrastructure as well as the mountains. The area in the town of Dong Push is located in a slit and canal between the two beaches, all the water has come here. This is a high risk area for hilllings. The authorities were warned. Management work needs to be done by local authorities and licensees.

Professor Tran Quang Hoai said: "Since the bankruptcy was broken down, the staff of the General Disaster and Accident Control Division staff visited and investigated the reservoir in a new urban area This is a lake designed in accordance with the planning of this urban area and the loch itself during the cause of disturbance and all water in the lake and the water has fallen. This waterproof water is not a hydro-electric reservoir, which is built by the government with the permission of the government. Builders, construction licensees, as the law has prevented A natural disaster has been clear that the acquisition of a public must ensure that the jobs are safe before an accident, but not being able to complete the work and then harm the people, for the building itself and the community.

"I think planning and design management is a key work. In that plan, we did not give full reference to the prevention and control of natural accidents. especially for coastal towns with fossil parks, there will be a major impact on such locations as a major loss, including people and buildings. So, in the solution of urban disaster management, we also the authorities in these urban areas and also led to protecting the natural environment ear. But we must say honestly that government levels are involved very limited and especially related to the economic development case, Chief Executive. The concern for sustainable development, protecting against natural accidents, Government levels will bring this case to light, "said Dr Tran Quang Hoai.

We need to recognize that governmental levels are very small and particularly related to the issue of economic development, the development of hot places to ensure growth. The responsibility for sustainable development, safety and disaster prevention, and most of the high levels of government; Bringing this case clearly.

(Dr Tran Quang Hoai, General Director of the General Department of Natural Disaster Casualty and Review, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

Tourists killed by a mountain cliff

On November 20, Nguyen Thi Le Thanh, former director of the Khanh Hoa Tourism Department said that this unit has sent documents to its local travel company. He asked to arrange visits to the area. Terrorism in Dong Phuoc, Vinh Truong, Vinh Hoa and Vinh Tho members (Nha Trang town). According to Thanh, to 20.11 f, business units, tourist services in the area have failed to submit statistics after the flood, so there are no specific damage figures.

According to the Khanh Hoa Tourism Department, in the morning of 18.11, a Daka province provoked from a sanctioned potty restaurant, four other tourists were injured. Verify me CultureTran Thi Hoe, Commander of Kindergarten Tuoi Ngoc (Cu Amung commune, Ea H & E, area of ​​Dak Lak province) said that staff and family members working in this school were the ones who were in the school. suffer. "The death of L.D.H.H (7 years old), a child for a maternal clerk in Nha Trang," said Hoe. L.XUAN


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