Has Visa Azan been rejected again? A report says that Nicole May Move is to Morocco


90-day fiancé Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou have a couple, a strong relationship, from a personal battle to the law. The Azan visa seems to have been rejected again, accordingly 90-day fiancé social media journalist John Yates.

A couple appeared on every quarter 4 and season 5 of the series and they are said to be " filming again for an unidentified, upcoming appearance, according to Yates.

"Just hearing from a store that has been rejected to Azan for the seventh time and is not allowed here to film the scenes for at least what to turn of the show she's going on in Grenada, "sent a YouTube on YouTube. He also stated that he could be for a 90-day fiancé Take away with the title "The Other Way."

The "Other Way" will be expanding the series, which shows that Americans are experiencing give their way of life to move to the family's home. This is an abusive design 90-day fiancé current structure.

Superintendent, Matt Sharp, said the idea was born from the routine probation process for the TLC show. "We noticed in the probationary process that the Americans say," I have a " Going to look at my life, my family, my culture, my country to be with this person. "There was not much of this in other scenes," He told Deadline in July.

The exhibition has no official date, but has been ratified by TLC in July.

90 days Fiancé Nicole Nafziger "90 Day Fiancé" star Nicole Nafziger can move to Morocco. His fiancée, Azan, was recalled again. TLC

In Season 5, Nicole spent two months in Morocco with Azan and her daughter, May, although most of the broadcast on the show were broadcast. brutal fighting between the two, they did not communicate with each other.

Azan spent some time trying to rely on Nicole, ask him to be disturbed in the past. Nicole spent some time trying to ask Azan silent to talk to him about how he was going; feeling and why he did not want to talk about anything. When Nicole left, she was willing to marry Asein and continued to fight for her sweetheart to the US.

A couple still have together, according to the Nicole's Instagram account. In October, she gave her mother to Morocco to meet Azan for her first time. In the writing section, she noted that Morocco was "second home." In Summer 5, the series explored the relationship between Nicole and the Azan family. Although Arabic does not speak, she and May seem to be loves his family Azan.

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