Hasboro unveils new Millennial twist to classic Monopoly board game


Monopoly has gone millennial.

Instead of buying properties like Atlantic Avenue, Park Place, or Boardwalk, players purchase "experiences."

Even the board game's box reads, "Forget real estate. You can not afford it anyway."

Up for grabs are festival tickets, meditation retreats, and crashing on friends' couches.
The maker of the iconic board game, Hasbro, says it's a light-hearted way to poke fun at the oft-teased generation.

But some so-called Millennials, those essentially born between the mid 1980's and the year 2000, do not find it funny.

They're criticizing it on social media, because where else would they do it. One critic even asked if participants were supposed to play by themselves in their parents' basements.

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