Hatching at school in HCMC: Many students were spread


In celebration of Vietnam's Teaching Day on November 20 at Huynh Van Banh Primary School, Commune Vinh Loc A, Chanhin District, HCMC, the scaffold for the acquisition of the school grounds fell -bann. The accident caused several of Huynh Van Banh students to be injured, Cho Ray Hospital's hospital and HCMC Children's Hospital.

After the collapse dropped, 10 of the 25 vulnerable students were transferred to the Children's Hospital Emergency Department. At this time, the test doctors gave these students a general health check that could be dealt with in a time when the loss was found. According to the doctors, due to emergencies at the time of their local health clinic, so at the time of entry, their health status is not ominous, just a little; hugging. However, their children are very cold and worried. Doctors at HCMC Children's Hospital still monitor the health of those students.

At Cho Ray's Hospital, 9 children were in state state and were removed from hospital, 2 were surrendered to the surgery and 4 were still being treated and monitored.

Sharing the disaster, the school said it was an unwanted event. there. A cufflink for roofing work was completed back day but was not cleaned. At the time of the disaster, there were around 1,500 students living in the courtyard.

After the event, the leaders of the associations in Vinh Loc A and Chanh Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City have visited each hospital to share with the families of the accident.

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