Hatekyeong "Burning Club Sun – Police Motivation Proceedings, Immigration Research"


Chae Hyo-kyung, member of the senior committee of the Future Party [뉴스1]

Chae Hyo-kyung, member of the senior committee of the Future Party [뉴스1]

Kim Sang-kyo (29), who says that the "Burning Sun" and "Kangnam Yeoksam" police officers have been attacked, have been investigated by the government; South Westerly

"The Security Administration wants us to investigate the complaints about the Burning Sun Club and Kangnam Police Department," Haitian said at a joint committee meeting held on the morning of the 30th.

"I saw every video and I can not rely on 100% of the statements that victims, but it is clear that one of the members attacked the victim," he said. "The police have made a brilliant work on the second attack on the victim" He also said.

"If you look at this process, you will see that the police have taken care of the victims completely and tell the blind of the club's story," he said. "It's hard to understand that there is no special relationship between the police and the club." South Westerly

He also said: "Even in 2009, Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-mac were punished for being arrested and abolished after receiving money from the company entertaining every month. " Again, there is no consensus between Burning Sun and Gang Police Station. It should be shown. "

At the same time, Kim to Burning Sun went on November 24 last year and saw club officials and women took away women, saying they were involved in the first attack of Mali's club officers and the second out-of-side attack club. Not only that, he told the police, but said he was arrested and had to listen to the complaints and go to the police.

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